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Quillarumiyoc, quechua Word which literally translated into English, means stone of the moon.” area of Quillarumiyoc is 500 square meters, but much of it was buried by an avalanche several years ago. The site consists of the following :A huge terrace area made in the same style of Sacsayhuaman, Chinchero and upper patrs of  Ollantaytambo (all ancient sacred sites located  in the Cusco  region), a symbol carved on one of  the larger rocks, Huaca or stone replica of a Apu (sacred mountain), called “moonstone” or “Quillarumiyoc ”.It is an ancient temple dedicated to the divinity of  womanhood.

For this reason it is suitable for clean sacred ceremonies, blesse land payments rituals and the reading of coca .There is no more beautiful place to do meditation and purification of our soul