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cuyuniThis type of tourism rescue as part of the experience, the exclusive use of the traditional farming methods, the traditional dressing, and respect the customs, religion and cultural identity of the community, resulting in tourism   product based on sustainability the community belongs to the district Cuyuni Ccatcca is located in the province of Quispicanchis, a 39000m at 69 kms an  hour away from has two distinct seasons, a dry(April October) and a rainy season(December April).

The people of the community are very hospitable, very well organized to welcome the visitors, who give them the opportunity to actively participate in daily activities. The community has the restaurant “El Mirador Pukaran Hatun Ausangate”attended by themselves, with a stunning location, where you can see the majestic Ausangate (6371 meters) and Sinajara, whose skirts are the” shrine of lord of Qoylluritti”.they also have an association of craftsmen called “Isqay Pallay Cocha” focusing mainly on the manufacture of garments worked with fiber from sheep llama and alpaca sometimes